How are you handling Covid-19?

Covid-19 has affected everyone.  Isolation can be extremely difficult on those dealing with addiction, or those helping others with addiction.

The Addiction Policy Forum is asking for your help.  They are conducting a voluntary survey to gather information on how Covid-19 is affecting those with addiction in their lives.  If you would like to participate in this survey, click the survey name below.

COVID-19 Survey of Patients and Families Struggling with Substance Use Disorder   

For those of you located in Northwest Ohio, you may find some help at the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board website –   Here you will find a COVID-19 Emotional Support Hotline, and other helpful connections.

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Virtual help during the Covid-19 crisis

Loneliness, self isolation and addiction often go hand in hand.  However, in these days of COVID-19/coronavirus, with governmental mandates for self isolation, there is more stress and anxiety for everyone, around the world.

I’d like to share the link to a website I found that will help direct you to virtual/online help during this worldwide health crisis.  You’ll find addiction and recovery help, crisis hotlines, and links to online meetings that you or the addict might not physically able to attend now.  (Click the bold text below)

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Addiction/Recovery Resources from the University of Michigan Psychology Department

This is just one of many sites available for this type of information.  A simple search for “helping an addict during Covid-19” will produce many more, should you need them.

Stay healthy, and best wishes that everyone you love pulls through this crisis.