Saving Lives

Community efforts to contribute to making a significant reduction in opioid drug overdoses and overdose deaths have been interfered with by the COVID pandemic. Instead of seeing a decline in overdoses, we are experiencing a surge in overdoses throughout the country. I know that I have been personally affected by the isolation that was forced upon us by a virus. We all have had to navigate our world differently during this time of COVID. Connecting socially is so important to us as humans.  Positive social support is especially vital for those with a substance use disorder during recovery. Sam Quinones describes in his book, Dreamland…The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic that heroin thrives in isolation. This is true for an addiction to any substance.  

Sam Quinones goes on to say, “I believe more strongly than ever that the antidote to heroin is community.”  

But many during the past year have been forced into quarantine and on top of that, have lost jobs increasing the feelings of stress and uncertainty and a disconnect from community.  Isolation, stress, uncertainty seems a recipe for relapse.  It is so important for us to keep abreast of available supports. A Place For Mary lists programs, support groups, other resources and crisis numbers for ourselves and our loved ones. And if we are concerned that a loved one may overdose on an opioid, we have an opportunity to mail order through the DAWN project at the Lucas County Health Department two doses of Narcan (also known as “Naloxone”) Narcan is a remedy for an opioid overdose. Administered in the nostril, the drug will reverse the overdose. I recommend carefully reviewing the video that comes with the dosage as it is important to understand not only how to administer, but how the drug works and the protocols involved in administering. To learn more about Narcan and how to receive it for emergency purposes, go to: 

Narcan (Naloxone) Training | Toledo Lucas County Health Department If you live outside of Lucas County and in the state of Ohio, you can locate a DAWN Project site by going to: List of Project DAWN Sites by County | Ohio Department of Health  You can also ask your pharmacy whether they dispense Narcan. Many pharmacies across the states do dispense Narcan without a prescription and the costs are covered or partially covered by many insurance plans.  

Narcan saves lives. Connecting or reconnecting to treatment cannot happen if the overdose is not reversed.  

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